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  • Should I Go Solar?Should I Go Solar?
    The Fastest Growing Source of Electricity As of 2018, solar power was reported as the fastest growing source of electricity in the world. Above you can see entire neighborhoods taking advantage of tax incentives and rebates to install solar panels. Today, the United States has over 2 million residential, commercial… Read more »
  • 2020 Wind Power Overview2020 Wind Power Overview
    Is Wind Our Cheapest Source of Energy? According to a study released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the United States has the potential of generating enough offshore wind power to generate nine times the current total U.S. electricity consumption in a single year.  Scientific America reports: “The report found… Read more »
  • Florida: Duke Energy Proposes Rate IncreaseFlorida: Duke Energy Proposes Rate Increase
    According to an article recently issues by YahooFinance Duke Energy is proposing an increase of 2.6% – 7.7% for residential, commercial and industrial energy customers. If approved, Duke plans to use the rate hike to cover damages caused by recent hurricane Dorian and tropical storm Nestor. The total restoration costs… Read more »
  • Rhode Island; Leading the American Green RevolutionRhode Island; Leading the American Green Revolution
    With deep roots that run parallel and synonymous with American history as well as a long lists of firsts that have helped shape America into what it is today, Rhode Island is a small state with big plans.  As one of the original thirteen colonies, it’s Rhode Islanders’ bravery to… Read more »
  • What Industries Use The Most Energy?What Industries Use The Most Energy?
    Which Countries Use The Most Energy? When we review net energy consumption by country, the top positions seem to parallel population. Countries with the highest population, such as China (1.4B), India (1.3B) and the U.S (330M) coincidentally also lead the charts in terms of overall energy consumption; with demand for… Read more »
  • Get Money Back That Never ExistedGet Money Back That Never Existed
    “In a single year, public utility companies have over-billed their customers $19 BILLION dollars!” A quote taken directly from the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, shows utility over-billing to be a far larger problem than we think. Recovering it is like finding money that never existed.  150 Possibilities… Read more »
  • Why The Focus on Energy EfficiencyWhy The Focus on Energy Efficiency
    Conservation VS Efficiency On average, it’s estimated that 30% of your energy bill goes towards paying energy that was unnecessarily used. Depending on your business’ monthly energy bill, that thirty percent could equal a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollar or tens of thousands dollars. No matter the amount,… Read more »
  • Leading With EnergyLeading With Energy
    The Landslide That Started With a Handshake A few years ago we partnered with an enterprise tech and utility expense management company that utilized it’s own software to help large firms manage and reduce costs.  The concept was simple, we introduce them to our multi-location energy customers and as trusted… Read more »
  • Residential Energy Tips. What Uses The Most Energy?Residential Energy Tips. What Uses The Most Energy?
    When you’re trying to cut your home energy costs, where do you start? Here’s a quick overview of what uses the most energy in a typical home and some ideas of how you can better control and reduce overall energy use.  Air Conditioning and Heating - 46% Water Heating -… Read more »
  • Energy Facts That Make You Go… Eh?Energy Facts That Make You Go… Eh?
    If you’re like most energy consumers, energy equals a bill that you pay at the end of each month; a bill that you keep low through less energy use, better and more energy-efficient equipment or appliances and ideally switching to solar so you don’t have a bill at all. But… Read more »
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