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  • Does Santa Really Exist?Does Santa Really Exist?
    Are you telling me that over 664 million people believe in something that doesn't exist? A legendary figure, who goes by a variety of names, slightly different stories, tied to a tradition that signifies happiness, cheer, love and most importantly, giving. Factitious as he may be – or not be –… Read more »
  • Steel Plant Set To Operate on Solar and Wind Power
    Taking Advantage of The Saudi Arabia of Wind The steel industry accounts for about 6%-7% of our world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, up to now, steel industry leaders have only talked about improving efficiency and reducing emissions as their solution to the increasing pollution problem. But a Sedalia, Missouri steel… Read more »
  • Solar Power Solves Water CrisisSolar Power Solves Water Crisis
    Water vs Gold? Would you rather have, 16 ounces of water or a pound of gold? That’s not really a fair question but per the World Wildlife Fund, depending on where you live, your answer could be significantly different in the year 2025. Per a recent article released by the organization:“Water covers… Read more »
  • 60,581 Pounds of Fresh Air60,581 Pounds of Fresh Air
    We Just Planted A Bunch of Trees The Air We Breathe Launched by our President and CEO, Jim Mathers, planting his very own tree, last month we made a commitment to plant a tree for every client we helped. Well, 233 clients later we did just that! On average, one tree produces… Read more »
  • Energy Update | December 2nd, 2019Energy Update | December 2nd, 2019
    Today’s Low Prices Increases Probability Prices Will Be Higher Long-Term In my November 4th Energy Update, I said if cooler than normal weather throughout much of the U.S. was followed by mild weather, prices may again decline short-term. But if prices stay near or below $2.50 per MMBtu, as explained… Read more »
  • Helping People Get Back on Their FeetHelping People Get Back on Their Feet
    “We really appreciate all your donations and all your thoughts. Keep them coming, thank you.” – HEP Breaking the cycle of homelessness through HEP This Holiday Season, Energy Professionals is partnering with the Homeless Empowerment Program to help support Tampa Bay families, children and veterans; helping them have a happy… Read more »
  • Bill Gates Funds Secret Solar ProjectBill Gates Funds Secret Solar Project
    An Energy Miracle That Gate’s was calling for better, more affordable and more reliable energy production was already being talked about in 2015. Specifically, renewable solutions that could provide the amount of energy we need, that didn’t produce harmful emissions all while costing less than conventional coal-burning processes. What Gate’s… Read more »
  • Seoul Plans Massive Solar Rollout
    The World's First Floating Solar Power Plant It was almost five years ago when Korea stunned us by creating the world’s first floating solar power plant. But as impressive as that was, the continued pressure to reduce their emissions brought Korea to new and drastic solutions. Seoul Puts Solar On ALL… Read more »
  • U.S. Cities Start Banning Natural Gas StovesU.S. Cities Start Banning Natural Gas Stoves
    They're Coming For Your Stove! It’s one thing to read about U.S. states committing to 100% renewable energy by 2050; it’s another thing to start seeing them ban natural gas stoves and natural gas pipelines to any new construction. Praised as a clean energy alternative, natural gas does burn cleaner than other fossil… Read more »
  • Were Planting Trees For YouWere Planting Trees For You
    Save Money While Saving The Environment This month, there’s no need to feel selfish or greedy when you save huge amounts of money on your energy bills through our energy savings program. Why? Because we’ve teamed up with #teamtrees and the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree every time… Read more »
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