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  • 8 Things You Need to Know About LEDs
    8 Things You Might Not Know About LEDs: Did you say “Diode”? LED stands for light-emitting diode. While the “light-emitting” bit needs no explanation, what’s a diode? To keep it basic, a diode is something that transmits electricity in one direction only, using a semi-conductor. A semi-conductor is something that… Read more »
  • Viral Tweet Raises The Question: At What Temp Should You Leave Your Thermostat?Viral Tweet Raises The Question: At What Temp Should You Leave Your Thermostat?
    So what is the right temperature for optimal efficiency? A recent viral tweet posted by Reporter Jennifer Titus stirred up quite a fuss on social media when she asked the simple question: "How cool do you keep your house?" Thousands of people commented, retweeted and liked Jennifer’s post as she reported… Read more »
  • Wisconsin’s Largest Solar Project Sparked by Dairy FarmWisconsin’s Largest Solar Project Sparked by Dairy Farm
    Organic Valley project expands into large partnership, setting a precedent for solar projects in Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s biggest solar project starts this summer, a multi-site, multi-state partnership sparked by Organic Valley farms. The project is not only setting a record for the largest solar project in Wisconsin, and one of the largest… Read more »
  • Which State Produces the Most Energy?Which State Produces the Most Energy?
    Energy Deregulation in Texas Leads to Clean Energy Boom While lots of things come to mind when you think about Texas, to many in the energy arena, Texas is associated with oil-production and the economic stability that it has given to the state. Yes, while it’s still a large producer of… Read more »
  • Buckeye Update: The Punches ContinueBuckeye Update: The Punches Continue
    Energy Update: What This Means For You, The Ohio Energy Consumer We don't talk politics, but when it directly affects you, as an energy consumer, we want to provide solutions and ensure you understand your options. Two weeks ago we released an article, Buckeye Black Eye Part II, that covered… Read more »
  • Smart Technology Leads to Smarter Energy PracticesSmart Technology Leads to Smarter Energy Practices
    The Energy Arena is Undertaking Dynamic Changes If you’re familiar with a show called The Jetsons, you’ll note that, just short of flying cars, today we’ve realized most things we once thought were “the future”. If you can talk to your phone and use your smart devices to locate and start… Read more »
  • California’s Already Done It. Will Massachusetts Follow?California’s Already Done It. Will Massachusetts Follow?
    Massachusetts' Solar Energy Future: The Advantages of Going Solar While America continues to see a rise in renewable energy use, some states are seeing legislature that takes renewable energy and solar energy production to a new level; specifically Massachusetts.An a recent article published by shows Massachusetts’ looks to follow… Read more »
  • Florida Could See Energy Deregulation by 2020Florida Could See Energy Deregulation by 2020
    Florida's Energy Choice Amendment Collects More Than 384,700 Signatures A proposed amendment that changes Florida’s energy industry works to appear in the 2020 ballot. As of Thursday morning, 8 August 2019,  Citizens for Energy Choices (CFEC), an organization pushing for an “open and competitive energy market” announced it had two-thirds of… Read more »
  • Is Air Really Free? HVAC New Life RestorationIs Air Really Free? HVAC New Life Restoration
    Is Air Really Free? Refreshing Facts We spend 90% of our time indoors.We breathe just about 3,000 gallons of air every day.HVAC systems in America use the same amount of energy as it takes to power the entire continent of Africa. HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning  Where Does All… Read more »
  • Manage Your Peak Demand: Capacity ChargesManage Your Peak Demand: Capacity Charges
    Understanding Capacity Charges Will Give You Better Control and Save You Money Understanding Capacity Charges “Capacity charge” is a line item in your electric bill made up of two factors: 1) Your average peak energy usage and2) The capacity rate Next to energy itself, capacity rate is the second largest expense in… Read more »
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