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  • Energy Update | March 24th, 2020Energy Update | March 24th, 2020
    Corona Virus Delays Natural Gas Rally, But Evidence for Higher Prices Increases! In my Mar 2nd Energy Update, I gave you the second of the three examples, since 2000 when Natural Gas prices declined below $2.00 per MMBtu, which occurred in the spring of 2012.I said the winter of 2011/12… Read more »
  • Can You Reduce Risks of Coronavirus & Viral Infections by Improving Indoor Air Quality?Can You Reduce Risks of Coronavirus & Viral Infections by Improving Indoor Air Quality?
    "Influenza and other respiratory diseases can spread efficiently in winter not necessarily because of the temperature but because human beings come together in closed environments and therefore transmission is more facilitated. Dr. Michael J Ryan Executive Director WHO Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important? Yes, there is a lot… Read more »
  • How To Build Your Business’ Renewable Energy StrategyHow To Build Your Business’ Renewable Energy Strategy
    Steps To Building A Renewable Energy Strategy Renewable Energy Strategy & Long Term Thinking No matter the size of your business, you renewable energy goals should be built around a strategy. Small business need to take into account how renewable energy installations will help forward their longer term growth goals; while… Read more »
  • Undetected Water Leaks Could Cost You ThousandsUndetected Water Leaks Could Cost You Thousands
    Water's Getting Expensive The advantage to living in a city next to a lake, river or water source is being able to access the fresh water it provides. Many of our bigger cities and municipalities, such as New York, Chicago, Michigan, Washington D.C., and many others use these water sources;… Read more »
  • Energy Update | March 2nd, 2020Energy Update | March 2nd, 2020
    Natural Gas Price of $1.642 per MMBtu is Lowest Inflation Adjusted Price in History! In my Feb 25th Energy Update, I gave 2 reasons why I believe Natural Gas prices were too low and poised to move much higher soon. The first was prices were unsustainably low as they were… Read more »
  • Buying Green EnergyBuying Green Energy
    What is Green Energy? In the past several decades, research and development into green energy has developed many new technologies that can produce renewable energy at affordable rates; making green energy available for anyone who wants it and reducing the amount of energy we need from burning fossil-fuels such as… Read more »
  • What Is Renewable Energy & Types of Renewable EnergyWhat Is Renewable Energy & Types of Renewable Energy
    What is Renewable Energy? Today, you hear more and more about renewable energy because it’s a booming market. Renewable energy was discovered over a hundred years ago and has been in use for many years. But it’s always been out of reach due to it’s cost. Thanks to a growing… Read more »
  • Energy Update | February 25th, 2020Energy Update | February 25th, 2020
    Natural Gas Storage Levels Don’t Justify the Low Price of Natural Gas. In my Jan 20th Energy Update, I said in over 40 years of trading I observed major bottoms occur when prices decline to an unsustainably low level below the cost of production, and companies are no longer profitable.… Read more »
  • How Energy Solutions Increase Profits for ManufacturersHow Energy Solutions Increase Profits for Manufacturers
    Overview Manufactures can experience significant impacts from things such as commodity price changes, tariffs and taxes, labor rates, updated regulations and keeping up with advancing technology to name a few. From a financial prospective, all these challenges have the potential to cut into profits.Add to that, management of inventory, capital… Read more »
  • Should I Go Solar?Should I Go Solar?
    The Fastest Growing Source of Electricity As of 2018, solar power was reported as the fastest growing source of electricity in the world. Above you can see entire neighborhoods taking advantage of tax incentives and rebates to install solar panels. Today, the United States has over 2 million residential, commercial… Read more »
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