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  • 50 Amazing Energy Facts
    Taken from here are some amazing facts about Energy: The United States is one of the world’s leaders in energy supply, production and consumption. Today, America has one of the most diverse energy markets in the United States and is one of the leaders in the $6 trillion global energy… Read more »
  • Am I Paying The Lowest Energy Rates Possible?Am I Paying The Lowest Energy Rates Possible?
    Quality VS Price? The age-old debate doesn't apply A recent poll done by found that most American’s shop with a priority on price, rather than quality. Luckily, shopping for energy rates doesn’t involve determining the quality of electricity being delivered; removing the debate and allowing you to focus on one… Read more »
  • Energy Update | October 14th, 2019Energy Update | October 14th, 2019
    Natural Gas Pulls Back to Buy Zone In my September 19th Energy Update, I said near-term, weather factors would influence the direction of energy prices, but even if we have a milder than normal winter, the downside reward potential of lower prices is minimal versus the upside risk of higher… Read more »
  • Two Routes To Reduced Electrical BillsTwo Routes To Reduced Electrical Bills
    What's The First Thing You Think of? The Common Answers With the average U.S. business spending about thirty percent of their operating expenses on utilities, who wouldn’t want to pay less for their electricity? It’s a question many business owners and finance people ask themselves when they see their monthly bills… Read more »
  • Are You Going To Be The Last Coal User?Are You Going To Be The Last Coal User?
    Beyond The Obvious Ask anybody if they want to be more independent, if they’d like to create their own energy as opposed to paying an electric bill every month and, if they’d like to help save the planet while at it and the answer is always going to be an… Read more »
  • A Factor That Makes All The DifferenceA Factor That Makes All The Difference
    The Completely Indispensable Factor of Every Business Take a minute to answer this question:As a CEO, as a VP, as an executive or even as a manager, how much can you achieve or produce on your own? How many sales can you make, how many services can you deliver –… Read more »
  • How To Leverage The Energy Market To Stay Warm This WinterHow To Leverage The Energy Market To Stay Warm This Winter
    The Race Between The Current Energy Market and Winter Rates Using Market Pricing to Your Advantage How turning on your heating, doesn't have to equal rocketed electric bills: Every winter all but 12 U.S. states experience below freezing or just above freezing temperatures. Left, you can see a chart that shows… Read more »
  • Massachusetts Set for Another Spike in Electrical RatesMassachusetts Set for Another Spike in Electrical Rates
    Where Does MA Fit Into The Picture For the past six years, most U.S. states have seen a steady increase in electrical rates but Massachusetts is seeing the worst of it. With the second fastest increase in electrical rates in the U.S., second to Hawaii, both residential and commercial energy… Read more »
  • A Sea of Wind Turbines is Not a DreamA Sea of Wind Turbines is Not a Dream
    Wind's Finding It's Place in The Energy Sector The race is on, Starting next year, you will start to see massive wind turbine farms off New England’s coast, as Connecticut and Rhodes Island race to see who can build the largest off shore wind power industry.Per, both states want… Read more »
  • Energy Choice Matters: TexasEnergy Choice Matters: Texas
    Texas energy consumers with energy choice see big savings. A recent publication by Retail Energy X, analyzes the difference between Texas energy consumers who are able to choose which supplier they get their energy from against those that don’t have a choice and rely on their local utility company. Overall… Read more »
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